Building national awareness for SEL and its impact
Advocating for state and local policies and funding to support SEL
Connecting local SEL stakeholders to share best practices
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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a state network of SEL advocacy and support that focuses on promoting high quality SEL integration into all schools and communities across the state of Texas.

Join us June 7, 2023

Join educators from around the state for this powerful and practical learning experience.

You don’t want to miss it!

What’s included?

  • A powerful, 1-day virtual conference for ALL educators, community service providers, and other related professionals
  • Access to some of the most recognized thought-leaders in the industry
  • Engaging sessions that will lead you from the Why of Social-emotional and Character Development into the How!
  • HOT TOPIC sessions on grassroots efforts and the current state-of-the-state in Social-emotional and Character Development
  • Networking opportunities that take eLearning to the next level
  • Engaging gamification program with chances to win valuable resources!
  • Click here for more information and registration costs!

Value SEL

Teachers are calling for schools to prioritize integrating SEL learning practices and strategies.

Value SEL

Principals say SEL is essential, but want more guidance, training and support to teach these skills effectively.

SEL Investments Yield Returns

On average, for every $1 invested in SEL programming, there is a return of $11.